California Utilities Will Pay You to Drive Electric

CC BY 2.0. Sami Grover

And why not?

From green power companies offering "free miles" to PG&E; adding plug-ins to its fleet, energy companies have been dipping their toes in the water of electric driving for some time.

And it makes good sense.

After all, with power demand largely flatlining, electrification of transportation offers a rare (and huge) silver lining that could offer both increased demand and new revenue models to the folks who have been supplying our electricity for decades.

In California, this desire to promote electric driving is manifesting itself in some pretty attractive utility rebates for would-be EV buyers. Electrek reports that SCE is offering $1000 to customers in 2019, while PG&E; is offering $800. Critically, as I've written before, these utility-based offers appear to be open to anyone who owns an electric car, which means that, unlike federal tax credits, you can stand to benefit even if you buy a used electric vehicle.

Again, this makes good sense. Utilities aren't just trying to promote the manufacture of electric vehicles. They are trying to move the electric vehicles that do exist into their sphere of influence.