California, a Green Jobs Mecca

California has the green jobs that many people want. (Photo: brian kusler [CC by 2.0]/Flickr)

The California Green Innovation Index is a report from Next 10 and Collaborative Economics; the 2009 report shows that the state of California is experiencing a green jobs boom. From the Next 10 press release, “since 2005 statewide green jobs have grown at a rate ten times faster than total job growth.” This growth came well before the current push for creating more green jobs as part of the country’s economic stimulus plans.

According to the report, “job growth has been strongest in Advanced Materials (28 percent) followed by Transportation (23 percent), Air & Environment (22 percent), and Green Building (20 percent), with 20 percent of those jobs generated in manufacturing.” Source: California Green Innovation Index

In addition to looking at the job breakdown by segment, the report also looked at jobs in energy efficiency and energy generation. Jobs in the energy efficiency segment include positions related to consulting, engineering, appliances that use alternative energy, research and energy efficiency measuring devices.

In 2007, the bulk of energy efficiency jobs were in the energy conservation consultant field with a 29 percent share of the segment. Positions related to energy efficient lighting were not far behind with a 20 percent segment share.

The energy generation segment included positions in the renewable energy industry as well as the equipment that is used to produce and use renewable energy, consulting, and research and testing. Solar energy-related jobs hold a huge share of this segment – 63 percent. Wind energy-related employment came in with a meager 7 percent of the total job share for the energy generation segment.

The report is an 85-page document filled with statistics about the state of California’s green economy.

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via [LA Times]