Cooper's Hawk Flies Free After Riding Out Hurricane Harvey With Cab Driver

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A hawk rides out Hurricane Harvey in a man's taxi cab. William Brusco/YouTube

Disasters create unlikely friendships. People who otherwise may have never met find themselves surviving the storm together.

You may remember the recent story about a Houston cab driver and an unlikely creature.

Cabbie William Bruso was shopping for supplies prior to Hurricane Harvey's landfall. When he returned to his car, a Cooper's hawk was sitting in the passenger seat of his car. Despite Bruso's best efforts, the hawk refused to leave. So Bruso christened the hawk Harvey and brought it home with him.

"He's dead set on hunkering down, so, here we go," Bruso said. The result? Harvey the hawk got a perch near a liquor shelf, a bowl of water, some chicken hearts and a dry place to ride out the hurricane.

Bruso contacted the Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition to collect Harvey the hawk, provide any medical services the hawk might need and help it take flight back into its natural habitat.

And now, after being treated for a minor injury, the hawk has been set free. Harvey (who is a girl, by the way) was released in Oak Point Park, a nature reserve in Plano, Texas.

You can watch the other updates Bruso shared on his YouTube channel.