Buying Local vs. Fair Trade (Infographic)

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We've often examined the debate over which is greener, buying local or buying fair trade (or organic, or seasonal...). Typically each has their own pros and cons depending on situation. A new infographic from Ethical Ocean lays out the deets, including the economic benefits of local and organic. The text is a bit tight (or flat out illegible) so we recommend you check out the super-sized version on Ethical Ocean's website.
Some key points include:

  • Buying fair trade is a $4b industry worldwide, and $2b industry in the US.
  • 73% of money spent on local goods is reinvested in the community, while only 10% of money spent at major chain stores makes it back into the local economy.
  • Items like coffee, bananas, tea and sugar generate far more profit for producers when sold as fair trade products internationally rather than sold locally.
Buying Local vs. Fair Trade Food

via Ethical Ocean - eco friendly products, fair trade and vegan shopping.

It's a very interesting infographic (though more info than graphic) and well worth reading over.
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