Street Artist's Larger-Than-Life Butterfly Murals Beautify City Walls (Video)

CC BY-SA 2.0. Mantra street art/ photo by Maria Eklind via Flickr

The wonder of watching a delicate, vibrantly winged butterfly flutter in the air, or alight on a spot somewhere near you never gets boring. But these amazing insects are being threatened as climate change and habitat loss are affecting butterfly populations worldwide, striking another death knell for the hobby of butterfly collecting.

But that need not be so, if French street artist Mantra has his way: the artist spray paints these enormous murals of butterflies, seemingly pinned in all their realistic, 3D glory on the wall, as if encased in a glass collector's box.

Mantra has thrown up these gorgeous specimens in a larger-than-life way, getting everyone -- even those who might not necessarily be entranced by these magical insects -- to take a closer look at one of the wonders of nature.

In addition to creating murals in France, Mantra has also done works in Spain, Austria, France, and Bogota. Some of them are also done in interiors, while others focus on other species and others are even a bit creepier than most.

Here's a video of Mantra working:

From reviving old traditions, to mystical landscapes, street art has great potential to beautify our cities and imbue their spaces with a sense of wonder that they sometimes sorely lack. For more, visit Mantra's Instagram and Facebook.