Buildings & Pets Kill Far More Birds Each Year Than the Flockpocalypse Has

cat with bird in it's mouth waiting to come inside
It is estimated that outdoor cats kill about 2.4 million birds each year in the U.S.

Migrated Image / Andrew Currie / Flickr

It may seem like all the recent mass bird deaths add up to catastrophic numbers of animals killed. However, compared to how many birds are killed every year in ones and twos as they collide with buildings, towers, and other structures, it's a drop in the bucket.

Mongabay quotes American Bird Conservancy's president Mike Parr, who gives some important context: Parr says up to one billion birds are killed each year from hitting buildings, another billion get killed by kitty, 50 million die hitting communication towers, 15 million dies from pesticide poisoning.

The weird weather involved in perhaps half of the recently reported mass animal death incidents is certainly notable. A conservative calculation based on published reports shows maybe 50,000 birds, bats, fish, and manatees have been killed. The human-built environment still is much, much larger threat.