Benidorm Building "Without Elevator Above 20th Floor" Actually Does. But You Will Have to Wait a Long Time for It

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UPDATE: Gizmodo, the source of all the stories on this building, has issued a correction noting that the building does indeed have elevators.

The Daily Mail headline says Uno problemo... Construction firm builds 47-storey skyscraper in Benidorm but forget to fit a lift; Dezeen says Benidorm skyscraper built without an elevator. It seems that it all started with Gizmodo, which wrote 47-story Spanish skyscraper has no elevator, just like Spain's economy.

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Intempo benidorm/Public DomainNow from a TreeHugger point of view that might be a good thing; we are big fans of people taking the stairs. But in fact, it doesn't appear to be true. The Intempo Benidorm does have elevators. It is true that the greedy real estate developer increased the height of the building from 20 storeys to 47 storeys, but did not take the additional elevator capacity needed into account. The number of elevators needed is a function of the number of stops, the number of residential units at each stop, and the wait time that people are willing to accept. Here they have more than doubled the number of floors and units, but just extended the shafts that they had in the shorter building instead of adding elevators, as you would have to do to provide decent service.

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It's not as good a story as saying that they forgot the elevator, (you can see the elevator doors on this drawing, right up to the top). It's true that people are going to have to wait a very, very long time to get an elevator, but that's not the same thing. Nothing to see here folks, move along.


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