Building a Library From Recycled Airplanes

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A design firm called LOT-EK from New York has just proposed reusing more than two hundred discarded fuselages from Boeing 727 and 737 airplanes as the major structural components for a new library in Guadalajara, Mexico. The airplane shells would be "stacked in a north-south slant in relation to sun exposure for energy efficiency" according to the designers. The fuselage is the only part of a decommissioned airplane that cannot be effectively recycled. The cost of its demolition exceeds the profit of aluminum resale. A huge amount of fuselages lay in the deserts of the western states. Boeing 727 and 737 are historically the most sold commercial planes and therefore the most common in these graveyards. They are sold at very low prices completely stripped and in great structural conditions. :: noticias arquitectura via Inhabitat via BLDGBLOG