Build Your Own Bamboo Bike With This DIY Kit

©. Bamboobee via Designboom

Bamboo bikes have been around for a while. The National Technical Museum in Prague has one dating from 1896. There are workshops where you can build your own under expert guidance, but now Singapore company Bamboobee takes it to a new level with this clever kit that provides everything you need to build a bike frame, including a jig to assemble it on, beating what I would have thought was the most difficult part of the job.

bamboobee parts

© Bamboobee via Designboom

Designboom describes it:

The idea is simple. The project allows you to experience the satisfaction of building your own vehicle from scratch. The set includes bicycle cable bamboo holders, stainless steel dropouts, aluminum head tubes, bottom brackets, a pen file, a transparent tape roll, and reinforced metal wire. an instruction manual and recyclable frame jig guide the assembly process as each joint is secured by a 25-meter supply of hemp fiber.

Bamboo bike frames are supposed to be great at shock absorbing, look good and then there is the DIY aspect. These kits should sell for about $ 170 if the project gets funded through Prefundia (a sort of not-ready-for-kickstarter) More images at Designboom.