Build Your Own Automated Greenhouse for Effortless Gardening (Video)

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Photo via Clover

This might be one of the coolest Arduino projects I've seen for gardening to date. Clover, aka Clovercreature on Instructables, and combined efforts to build a greenhouse that has automated water and temperature controls, called "Plantduino." The greenhouse knows when it needs more water and can turn its own watering system on and off. Cool? You bet. The project has been turned into an Instructable so you can follow along and do the project yourself in a weekend. In fact, it is one of the most thorough Instructables I've come across. Not only do you learn a lot in the Instructable about building a greenhouse and automating it, but you also learn about plant biology. Total geeky goodness.

That said, it does require a lot of electrical components and a little know-how in getting the system set up. But it is certainly not too much for a dedicated DIYer to figure out.

Here's a short video walking you through what the project is all about:

Clover wanted to set up a garden but wants to ensure it is cared for while she's away at school. Her family doesn't have quite the green thumb that Clover has, so she wanted to automate the greenhouse. And Arduino was just the ticket. Clover writes, "I have constructed an automated watering and temperature system. This includes sensors that will turn the systems on only when needed. This is essential when the ever-changing New England weather demands some intelligence in watering and heating patterns."

The project is also documented on, and you can get extra details there if you'd like to take on this project yourself.