Build a Wood-Burning Rocket Stove Made Entirely From Wood

rocket stove from wood 2 photo
Video screen capture. mashdown3

mashdown3/Video screen capture

We've posted plenty of videos on how to build a rocket stove and how to build a rocket mass heater. But I was a little surprised when Paul Wheaton posted a video on making a wood-burning rocket mass heater that was actually made out of wood.

rocket stove from wood photo

mashdown3/Video screen capture

It turns out he's not the only one who make wood stoves out of the very material they burn. YouTube user mashdown3 shows us how he made his wood-based rocket stove below. It's pretty much as simple as just drilling two holes that line up, cleaning out the saw dust, and then starting a fire with a few twigs. Once the fire gets going, of course, there is no need to add extra wood as the stove itself becomes the fuel for the fire.

He also shows us some neat rocket stoves and gasifiers he's been tinkering with too.