Build an Ultra-Efficient DIY Wood Stove for Backpacking

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Video screen capture. BCoutdoorsurvival
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BCoutdoorsurvival/Video screen capture

We've featured DIY wood gasifiers before, but this how-to video—created by survival and outdoors expert Paul Osborn of BCoutdoorsurvival—for building a miniature stove for backpacking purposes is about as good as DIY make-our-own videos get. Using little more than two tin cans, and a few readily available tools, you can build a stove that boils water in minutes for next to nothing.

Making the Wood Stove

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BCoutdoorsurvival/Video screen captureBy removing the lid of the large can, and turning it into a rim that fits around the smaller can, the design creates a snug fit for the inner- and outer-parts of the stove.

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BCoutdoorsurvival/Video screen captureA series of holes is then punched and drilled around the bottom of the large can, and around the bottom and top, as well as through the base, of the smaller can. (The ring of upper holes injects hot air into the top of the stove, essentially acting to reignite gases that would otherwise be wasted.)

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BCoutdoorsurvival/Video screen captureOnce all the holes are complete, you simply assemble the stove.

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BCoutdoorsurvival/Video screen captureYou then stack it with small pieces of firewood, place some paper or lint on top, and then a little kindling. The wood burns down, creating a hot combustion in a matter of minutes.

Building the Fire

wood gasifier lighting
Video screen capture. BCoutdoorsurvival

BCoutdoorsurvival/Video screen capture

The addition of a pot stand, also made from an old can, allows you to place a pot of water (or whatever) on top, and according to the video you can boil a few cups of water in 8 minutes or so. Pretty darned neat. I'd love to hear from anyone who has tried this.

Here's the full video (found via the ever excellent Permaculture Magazine), which you really need to watch to get the full details on how to build. Please be sure to also check out our other posts on how to build a rocket stove and a rocket stove water heater too.

And check out BCoutdoorsurvival's YouTube channel and website (The Outdoor Adventure) for more DIY projects for the outdoors enthusiasts ranging from making your own snow shoes to planning a survival trip. It's all a bit hardcore for me, but this guy sure makes it look easy...