Build a Free Things Box for Your Front Yard

©. IamWe via Instructables

We've always been advocates of freecycling -- the act of recirculating unwanted but usable items for free to neighbors and community members. It's a take what you need, give away what you don't sort of model. Every so often we come across someone who really takes the idea of freecycling seriously, and Instructables user IamWe is one of them.

In this Instructable -- an entry for the Green Design Contest currently happening -- step-by-step instructions are given for building your own Free Things Box to put up in the front yard, or in a central place in the neighborhood. The rules to the box can be posted above the opening to the box. They are:

Only open during daytime
- Take only things you can use
- Take 1 thing at a time.

Neighbors can add or take anything they want as long as they follow these simple rules. Here's a video showing the success of the box in the creator's neighborhood, and the how-to basics:

The Instructables Green Design Contest is still rolling along. You have until June 17th at midnight to submit your idea for a project that uses sustainable materials or is energy efficient by design.