Bug Out in Style With a Preppi Ultra-Luxe Emergency Bag

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You definitely want this in the back of your Escalade.

Are you prepared for an emergency? What with earthquakes, floods, fires and deportation, who knows what might happen these days. TreeHugger Jaymi showed us how to build an emergency backpack a few years ago, but really, the stuff in it was so... ordinary, almost déclassé. Now you can bug out in style, thanks to the clever people at Preppi, the purveyor of curated emergency kits. The Wall Street Journal tells us that it was founded by a filmmaker and costume designer who clearly know their prepping; their kits are "filled with the best of everything you need in the event you find yourself in the worst."

bag open

© PreppiThe Preppi line starts with a three-day, two person emergency bag for just $445 (you can monogram it for an additional $75). It has all the critical basics, including Malin+Goetz grapefruit face cleanser, Vitamin E Face Moisturizer, Bergamot Body Cleanser, Vitamin b5 Body Moisturizer, Peppermint Shampoo and Cilantro Conditioner.

It also has a solar and hand cranked power supply and a three day supply of water with instructions to Stay Hydrated! Coconut shortbread bars give you the calories you need, along with Mast Brothers Chocolate.

There is also some useful stuff like a first aid kit, multi-tool, poncho, space blanket, tube tent, matches, candles and more, including a BYOS Stainless Steel Hip Flask. (Many consider a fine Scotch to be the ultimate life saver!)

prepster caviar

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But really, that is roughing it. Fortunately, Preppi also purveys a $4,995 Ultra Deluxe Emergency Bag which includes the basics plus Satellite phone, night vision glasses, solar panels, a full size tent, sleeping bags, and most importantly, the Preppi Caviar Cooler Case and serving set.

I know, that sounds expensive but your personal safety is priceless. I also rather like their emergency backpack that is a shiny fireproof aluminized bag, totally inconspicuous. With the Sat phone it's a bargain at $995.

Fire retardant to 700o F and extremely water resistant, the aluminized bag is incredibly resilient for a wider range of emergency situations from forest fires to earthquakes to hurricanes. The trademark Preppi stripe and cross is composed of ultra high reflective 3M coating to maximize visibility to emergency rescue services. White Leather handles and straps not only look nice, but leather is extremely Fire Retardant (think welder's apron or a firefighter's gloves). Silver Nickel and Brass hardware also balances aesthetics with strength and durability.
Preppi line

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, the bags are flying out the door:

Steven Spielberg and Amblin Entertainment ordered hundreds of Preppi survival bags as holiday gifts, as did Ari Emanuel and Endeavor, AMC and IFC. Julia Roberts has been gifting the kits on repeat for years. Pink recently ordered six kits for her Santa Barbara-area home. Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch, Ben Affleck, Whoopi Goldberg, Melissa McCarthy, Zach Galifianakis, Gwyneth Paltrow, Maya Rudolph and Sofia Vergara are other notable clients.

I find it hard to imagine Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall in a tube tent eating MRE dinners, but there you go.

This TreeHugger thinks that it could all be a little greener and a lot less conspicuous; perhaps we should Kickstarter our own organic, fair trade, zero waste, plastic free, vegan bug-out bag made out of recycled burlap. And we will only charge $395.

But hey, Preppi uses Malin + Goetz products which are all natural and Mast Chocolate is organic. What's not to love?