Budweiser Orders 40 Tesla Semi Electric Trucks

tesla semi truck image

Tesla has received over 240 publicly announced orders, so the real number is likely higher...

Earlier this year, Anheuser-Busch InBev—the makers of Budweiser, Stella Artois, Corona and more—committed to transitioning to 100% renewables and a 30% reduction in their carbon footprint by 2025 at the latest. That's a very big deal, both literally in terms of carbon emissions and pollution, and symbolically in terms of which way the long-term winds are blowing—regardless of what's happening in Washington DC.

Now, as reported over at Electrek, the brewing giant has sent another major signal to the markets by ordering 40 Tesla Semi electric trucks for its distribution network. That appears to bring the publicly announced orders for the Semi to 240+, not including the fact that Tesla is also promising to transition its own fleet of 100 trucks to electric too. (Presumably there are other orders that have not yet been announced.)

These numbers are obviously tiny compared to the number of trucks on the road today, but they are nevertheless significant. They send an important signal to investors and competitors alike. And with deposits for orders now sitting at $20,000 for a base reservation, they also represent a not entirely insignificant injection of cash to a company that some analysts say has been burning money much too fast to stay viable.

With DHL (itself a future Tesla Semi customer) now breaking into "best seller" lists of electric vehicles with its own small delivery vans, I suspect we are going to see distribution networks becoming increasingly electrified up and down the supply chain. Let's just hope it doesn't come at the expense of rail.