Budweiser Achieves 100% Wind Energy, Celebrates With a Super Bowl Ad

CC BY 2.0. RAeK23

I can't imagine anyone doing an ad like this for coal.

Not too long ago, Anheuser-Busch InBev declared that they would be running on 100% renewable energy by 2025 at the latest. Well, it seems that one of their flagship products has already reached that milestone—at least if their just released Super Bowl ad is anything to go by:

According to North American Wind Power, Budweiser is extending its commitment to renewables by working with Enel Green Power to purchase enough wind power to offset all of the electricity used to power Super Bowl week in Atlanta too.

This is good stuff. And it's one more reminder that even if wind is more expensive—which it certainly won't be for much longer—there is a significant branding and storytelling advantage to be had by brands who are willing to get out in front and embrace climate leadership.

Before long, Budweiser might not just be brewing its beer with wind power either. With 40 fully electric Tesla Semi trucks on order, we could soon be seeing wind-powered beer deliveries too.

Maybe those horses can finally take a rest...