Brown Rice Is Green

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I grew up thinking white rice is like candy. It fell in the bubble gum, Twinkie, sugared cereal category of what was banned from our house. My mother, an early champion of the healthy aspects of brown rice, dismissed white rice from our dinner table with a flick of her wrist and the brief, yet accurate proclamation, "There is nothing left." Stripped down to the inner polished grain, white rice is a victim of over processing that removes most of what's good for you, such as beneficial vitamins and nutrients. Now, according to Green Living Tips, brown rice is also better for the environment. Why? All the extra steps. White rice ends up as a manufactured product with a long assembly line. "The less processing of a food, the less energy required," says Green Living Tips. Ironically, at the end of processing, synthetic vitamins are added back in to white rice. "These sorts of processes are well known for their negative impact on the environment," the article continues. Rice buying tips: Buy large quantities in bags made of material such as cloth that can be reused. Thanks tipster Mike.