British Pathé Videos Show Copenhagen Cycle Chic, 1932 Edition

Video screen capture. youtube: with Eve in Copenhagen

It has been said that Copenhagen started seriously promoting cycling as a response to the oil crisis in the 1970s, but it has a history of cycling that goes a lot further back than that. James Longhurst, a bicycle historian, has been looking through the recently released British Pathé collection and found some cycling gems, including two films of Copenhagen that are amazing.

This one, The Wheeled City - With Eve In Copenhagen dates from 1932, although I thought sound had taken over by then. It gets very arty at the end.

"A few days of Copenhagen reduces the pedestrian to a kind of "whirly-wheel" state - " Strange avant garde style sequence with turning wheels, moving lights and double exposures of women pedalling. "Wheels - wheels - wheels!" reads an intertitle - sped up footage of cyclists follows.

Cycle Town from 1923 is actually better quality. It is wonderful to see streets full of bikes and streetcars, and almost no cars.