Brilliant! Transport Deviled Eggs Right in the Egg Carton

Photo by Shutterstock.

I made Blue Cheese and Bacon Deviled Eggs from “Rhulman’s Twenty,” one of the best cookbooks of 2011. They were my contribution to a potluck so I needed to transport them, and I didn’t want a heavy or bulky container.

I found the idea to transport deviled eggs right in the egg carton on several websites and thought, “Brilliant!”

When I went searching for an easy way to transport my deviled eggs, I already had them made. Next time I need to use this method to transport them, I’ll cut the eggs the tall way. Even though they’re usually cut the other way, it doesn’t really make a difference in how they taste and they’ll fit in the cartons more easily.

As you can see in the photo above, the presentation in the carton isn’t the most attractive way to present deviled eggs. I transferred the deviled eggs onto a tray once I arrived, so I wasn’t concerned about their appearance in the carton. I saw some photos where each individual egg cup was lined with lettuce first before the egg was placed in to make it more attractive. This might be a good idea if you’re going to serve straight from the egg carton.

I keep my egg cartons to return to the farm I buy eggs from so I had an extra one that came in handy since I made 24 deviled eggs. With summer entertaining at hand and lots of deviled egg making to be done, I’m not sure my farm will be getting as many cartons back now. But, that’s okay. They’ll still get a second use and in the end, they’ll go into the recycling bin.

Do you have a method you use to transport deviled eggs safely without using a specially made deviled egg tray or container?