Breathe Easy With Knickey's Fair-Trade Organic Cotton Underwear

©. Knickey (used with permission)

It's a solid, sustainable choice all around.

If you were to overhaul one part of your wardrobe to make it more sustainable, let it be your underwear drawer. It's your undies, after all, that come into contact with the most sensitive and absorbent part of your body.

Women, in particular, need to take great care to ensure that what they're putting in close contact with their nether regions is as clean and green as possible. At least 300 million women suffer from yeast, vaginal, and bladder infections every year – problems that are exacerbated by non-breathing, chemical-laden materials.

Enter Knickey, a company that wants to shake up the underwear industry. Its simple, practical, and supremely comfy panties are made from 100 percent certified organic cotton in a fair-trade garment factory in India:

"By committing to using certified organic cotton, we’re choosing a production method that has a quarter of the environmental impact of conventional cotton, and a third of the carbon emissions of synthetics like polyester."

The cotton is GOTS-certified, considered the gold standard in organic fiber certification. It ensures that no toxic chemicals have been used at any stage of production, that waste has been dealt with properly and water conserved, and that workers have safe, clean conditions and fair pay.

Not only that, but Knickey also boasts a recycling program for intimates. You can send back any old underwear, regardless of its brand, and they'll see to its recycling:

"We’ve partnered with an NYC non-profit to safely recycle your intimates and divert them from the landfill. Recycled intimates are turned into useful secondary textiles like insulation, mattress batting and rags."

Oh, and every time you send in a box of undies for recycling, you'll get a free pair.

Styles include high-rise briefs, mid-rise hipsters, low-rise bikinis, and low-rise thongs. You can sign up for a subscription box that delivers new underwear to your doorstep between two and four times a year, or you can order as needed. Shipping is currently limited to the U.S. and is free on orders over $49.

Learn more at Knickey.