BRB, We're Climate Striking

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We are out supporting the kids today; back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow.

It's tough when you're an environmental site and the Global Climate Strike comes along. Do you keep the lights on and report on the issues at hand? Or do you hang a "gone striking" sign on the door and go support the young people who have this strange idea that we should actually do something about the climate crisis.

Well, we decided to kind of do both things. We have updated a number of our original How To Go Green guides and are publishing a set of them for the day ... but that's all. Other than that, the TreeHugger team will be out supporting the strike.

climate strike

Global Climate Strike/Public Domain

Every Friday, millions of young people have been leaving their classrooms early to strike for the climate. Now that they have asked the adults to join in on September 20th and 27th, it seems like it's the very least we can do. It's the adults, after all, who got them into this mess in the first place.

See recent news about the strike here:

Happy striking, see you tomorrow.

xoxo, TreeHugger