Brandeis U. Students Create Green Peer Progress Program for Dorms

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Many schools started off the 2009 school year by hosting green welcoming events for new students and incoming freshmen. All these wide-eyed co-eds were treated to different ways the school is going green and how they personally can get involved. Students at Brandeis University are taking this tactic a step further by creating a green committee that monitors the green progress of individuals in the student body, reports the Brandeis Hoot.

Big brother? Maybe, but maybe this is also students taking climate change personally and demanding action from the ranks, not just lip service. The Green-Certified Dorm Room Program, created by "Brandeis Eco-Reps," environmental advocates, and Students for Environmental Action (SEA) began with a demonstration dorm room, not unlike those created on many campuses in the US. Students were asked, via cardboard signs throughout the "room," to cut down on paper towel use, use bike-transport and eliminate plastic bottles.

Students can then take these ideas to heart and get their room "Green Certified" when they adopt several of the practices. Students are asked to commit to 10 actions, like unplugging chargers, recycling, using cold water, out of 21 total options. Students can even sign up for their suite if the majority of the roommates agree to go along with the plan.

Thus far, over 180 students have committed to getting their room Green Certified by the eco-reps. Green campus groups at Brandeis are also organizing Meatless Mondays and planning on spending Sunday nights sleeping on Boston Common to get the Massachusetts Legislature to commit to using 100% green energy statewide within 10 years. If greening your room just isn't enough, students can take it to the streets.