Boy George Reveals Weight Loss, New Healthy Diet

Boy George shifted his diet to remove processed foods and to incorporate healthier options. (Photo: Deborah Keen/Shutterstock)

Say hello to the new Boy George.

The 51-year-old Culture Club singer-songwriter has become the latest celebrity to undergo a dramatic weight loss thanks to a shift to healthy eating. This week, he posted a photo to Twitter showing off his new thin frame, crediting the transformation to "portion control, 5-hour gaps between meals, no coffee or tea, except at meals. No bread or sugar. Water & fizzy water between meals!"

George also tweeted a link to, calling it "my secret." The website is the personal page of Amelia Freer, a nutritional therapist who provides personal consultations, workshops, and other healthy living guidance to clients.

"I am a real foodie and absolutely encourage the enjoyment of food! My guidance is realistic, practical and achievable – always with the goal of improved health and well being," she writes on her site. "In additon to one-to-one consultations, my services extend to helping clients with all aspects of nutrition, from empowering them to make intelligent choices at the supermarket, clearing and restocking kitchen cupboards, teaching the cooking of simple, healthy meals and providing realistic meal plans to suit all lifestyles."

All of those healthy meals appear to be rubbing off on George, who has posted pictures of dishes like Cannelloni Bean & Veggie Curry and Spicy Broccoli Cheese. In a Feb. 7 tweet, he went a bit further saying, "If you eat processed food you are already a walking chemical waste bin."

The new Boy George has spoken.