Young Boy and His Kitty Are a Perfect Match

Little 7-year-old Madden, who lives in Oklahoma, was born with a cleft lip. He also has two different colored eyes, a condition called complete heterochromia iridum, which affects less than 1% of the population.

It hasn't been easy for Madden because no one he knows looks exactly like he does. But then his mom heard about a very special kitty.

"Last week, a friend posted an image of the cat in our cleft moms group," Madden's mom, Christina Humphreys, told Love What Matters. "This kitty was taken in by a rescue group in Minnesota. We knew immediately that this kitty was meant to be part of our family."

The cat had a cleft lip and different colored irises, just like Madden.

"We knew they were destined to be best friends," said Humphreys on Facebook. "Funny how a pet can make you feel less alone."

With the financial support of some generous friends and even strangers, the family hopped in their car and made the long haul from Oklahoma to Minnesota to meet Madden's perfect match, a kitty he named Moon.

"We’re usually not spontaneous people, but we knew that we were meant to love this kitty," Humphreys said. "In a world full of bullies and hateful words, we will choose to chase love. I think it’s safe to say that this kitty is love, and was certainly meant to be part of our journey and Madden’s journey."

Not that long ago, Madden had a tough time dealing with a bully on the school bus. Although occasionally someone still says a mean word or two, Madden's parents helped change his perception of bullies and how their words affect him. He learned to realize he was special and made this video saying, "You're missing out of a lot of awesome people if you're being a poophead to them."

Because so many people have been touched by the story, Madden and Moon now have an Instagram so people can follow their lives together.

"I’m stunned at how this all played out. It sounds silly, but fate willed these two together. There’s no other explanation," said Humphreys. "Everyone needs a friend, and everyone needs to feel understood... I hope Moon helps Madden realize that being born unique in an incredible thing; that he is magic. These two handsome guys truly are a wonder."