Helpful Dogs at Boise State Retrieve Kickoff Tees

Attending a college football is the best way to experience the game. Certainly that seems true at Boise State University home games. There's seeing the field's iconic blue turf, of course, but there's another aspect of Broncos home games that make it something special.

After a kickoff, normally someone has to run onto the field, grab the tee and run back. But the Broncos do it a little differently; they send out Rox Zee, a kickoff tee-retrieving dog!

Using a dog for this purpose dates all the way back to ... well, only the early 1990s. Boise State had a black lab named Kicks who would fetch the tee and return it to the sidelines. Kicks retired in 1998, however, and for a while, Boise State didn't have a tee dog. The tradition was revived in 2010 with Zee, who you can see in the video below. Zee, it seems, really enjoyed his job, considering the incredibly high jump at the end.

Zee was replaced by Rox-Zee not long after.

For a brief moment, the football field goes to the dogs, but that seems like a good thing for everyone — especially that happy dog.