Boise Neighborhood Overrun by Hungry Goats

When neighborhoods get overrun, it's usually by termites or feral cats or people who don't know which way to park on the street. It usually isn't goats.

But that's what happened in one Boise, Idaho, neighborhood on the morning of Aug. 3 as 118 goats swarmed the neighborhood, "eating everything sight," according to local reporter Joe Parrish.

While I would've taken a picture of this, tweeted it and then gone back to bed — seriously, what are you supposed to do when your neighborhood is overrun by creatures that eat anything? — these smart folks called animal control. Regrettably, animal control wasn't prepared, bringing one truck to handle all those goats.

It turned out the goats were the nibbling employees of We Rent Goats. The 118 goats were supposed to be eating weeds at a nearby pond, but they escaped after a few of them knocked down a fence. It took the company about an hour and a half to round up all the goats.

The company says it's reaching out to the people in the neighborhood regarding damages, which is a good thing since overenthusiastic lawn/bush/greenery mowing isn't covered by traditional home insurance.