Zoos 'Rename' Animals With Hilarious Results

The internet got clever with renaming animals like this snake. (Photo: Martin Prochazkacz, comp by d'Estries/Shutterstock)

Zoos and aquariums have been busy with a clever animal rebranding effort, posting photos of animals with less subtle names that are less about science and more about human psychology — like Stabby Rainbow Chicken or Barking Fuzz Potato. Here are just some of the best ones making the rounds on the Internet.



Two years ago, people were also inspired to "rebrand" animals after a certain vessel was renamed Boaty McBoatface.

That ridiculous moniker made headlines thanks to a public plea from Britain's Natural Environment Research Council to come up with a name for its new $288 million polar research vessel. The internet suggested such fine candidates the RRS Henry Worsley, after the British explorer who passed away in 2016, as well as the RRS David Attenborough, after the famed naturalist. And then came the entry of the RRS Boaty McBoatface.

Boaty McBoatface is hilarious. And while the NERC was pleased with the worldwide attention it's gained from the poll, it's was quick to add that it will have the final say over the name.

In other words, Boaty McBoatface was as good as sunk.

Undeterred, the internet forged ahead and took an amusing stab at renaming animals in the spirit of McBoatface. Below are just a few of our favorites under the hashtag of #TheInternetNamesAnimals.