Birth of a Baby Octopus Is the Cutest Thing Ever (Video)

©. Sherry V Smith /

Welcome to the big world, little guy!

It is no secret that I am a fool for octopuses. I live in awe of their otherworldly talents and intelligence; I sing their many-armed praises often (see related stories below). But I had no idea, none, that they could be this cute. I mean, they are incredibly beautiful in their special way – and the less alien ones can be pretty adorable – but who knew that an infant octopus is cartoon cute? Like, even cute-as-a-kitten cute?

Thankfully, the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center is doing their job to set the record straight. They posted a video on Facebook of a Caribbean reef octopus hatching from a cluster of eggs. It emerges pale and wan, and then it is as if it pauses to suss out the new digs and immediately goes into camouflage mode, before waving its wee little arms and darting off to see what the world has to offer. That an itty-bitty infant looks so perfectly like its future adult self and can act with such immediacy fresh from hatching has much to do with its charm. Also, the other babes in waiting? So cute.

The aquarium writes on their Facebook page:

Here’s your daily squee! Our octopus laid eggs and we had several hatch!
While we are cautiously optimistic, it is common for octopuses to lay over one hundred eggs in its clutch to ensure at least one makes it to adulthood. Thankfully, these little critters are going to receive the best possible chance from our incredible animal care team.

Watch the 10 second clip (which repeats) below; prepare to squee.