Minimalist Birdcage Table Combines Bird-Watching With Functionality (Video)

Video screen capture. Gregoire de Lafforest

Grégoire de Lafforest - Cage Archibird from grégoire de lafforest on Vimeo.

From moss-covered, sense-tickling bureaus to lamps doubling as mini-greenhouses, we've previously seen a number of designs where the idea of biophilia (love of nature and life) has been built in from the get-go. French designer Gregoire de Lafforest brings together bird-keeping with functionality in an intriguing design for a table that incorporates a minimalist bird habitat.

Seen over at Designboom, the "Cage Archibird" table is made out of solid oak, and features a carefully-crafted and lacquered perching tree made out of metal, which pierces the table from below, rising into three delicate glass domes. Below, the birdcage itself is made of tensioning cables, and a ground surface that has a small depression for water, and numerous integrated feeders.

Aesthetically, it's quite beautiful, though as a bird habitat, it seems there could be room for improvement: the glass domes look a bit claustrophobic for feathered creatures, and there's no indication on how the inevitable fecal mess can be efficiently cleaned from the bottom. Perhaps it might have been better if the larger cage area were on top, rather on the bottom?

One wonders too if certain bird species might be more amenable to tight quarters such as this, over others (though then maybe we should be looking at some kind of armoire, not a table). Nevertheless, it's an interesting proposal that could help bring people closer to a version of nature. More over at Gregoire de Lafforest's website.