Bird Charity to Build Gigantic Wind Turbine

wind turbine photo
CC BY-ND 2.0. Jasmic

Jasmic/CC BY-ND 2.0

John Laumer previously tackled the thorny topic of wind turbines killing birds, labeling it an "eco-myth". But bird conservation charities continue to be concerned about wind turbines being built in bird migration paths or other ecologically sensitive areas.

Britain's Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) has been at the thick of some of these battles, objecting to a 540MW wind farm in the Shetlands. But it has also raised its voice about the crucial importance of fighting climate change to protect birds.

So it makes sense that the RSPB is working with wind energy supplier Ecotricity to install a 100 meter high wind turbine at its headquarters in Bedfordshire. Martin Harper, RSPB's conservation director, explained that the turbine should send a message to the world about appropriate renewable energy development:

“We know that with the right design and location wind turbines have little or no impact on wildlife. The RSPB has commented on over 1,500 wind farm applications. In the small number of cases – around six per cent – where we feel there is likely to be a significant impact on wildlife we have lodged an objection. In many of these cases the developers have listened and redesigned their plans to make sure they do not threaten wildlife.
“We hope that by siting a wind turbine at our UK headquarters, we will demonstrate to others that with a thorough environmental assessment and the right planning and design, renewable energy and a healthy, thriving environment can go hand in hand.”

Goodness me, pragmatism and cooperation in the fight for our energy future. More of the same please.