Louf Is An "Autonomous Sunscreen"

When the sun comes out, many plants begin to move, turning their leaves to face the sun. Dutch designers Castor Bours and Wouter Widdershoven of Studio Toer have created a shading parasol that acts in much the same way; when the sun shines, it opens up, providing protection from the sun to those below.

The designers write:

Loef is an autonomous sunscreen. Without sun Loef stands still. When sunshine is collected by the solar panels at the top, Loef starts spinning. The flexible arms open and a shade appears underneath them.

Another example of biomimicry; This may well be how buildings work in the future, responding to conditions like plants do and animals do, following the sun, changing according to temperature. Clever.

Thanks to Castor at Studio Toer.

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Louf Is An "Autonomous Sunscreen"
When the sun comes out, the Louf Sunscreen Does Its Stuff.

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