Biokube: A Septic Tank That Waters Your Lawn

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Most days when I wash my dishes, I cart bowlfuls of water out to my hopelessly brown California yard and dump it, the whole time snarling at the neighbor’s bubbling sprinklers and thinking that even if the yard won’t green up past a pale yellow, at least the water isn’t going down the drain. I know, it'd be easier to use a take-away sink. But while carting bowls, I’m also thinking of all the different ways I could use gray water for irrigation.

Run a hose from the washing machine out to the lawn. Check.
Rig the shower pipes to flow out to the yard. Check.

But, here’s one idea that definitely hadn't crossed my mind. Danish company Biokube is bringing Venus to California. Venus is a septic system that takes your household wastewater – including sewage – and cleans it up to the point where you can use it for yard irrigation.

Now that is something to drought-ridden Californians – and everyone – have to appreciate.
From GreenLight:

The Venus effectively works by cleaning the water to a much higher degree than ordinary septic systems. In ordinary systems, solids are settled out via gravity. The remaining water then enters a tank with bacteria to clean it. After that, it gets released into a leaching field, where bacteria in the soil cleans it further. In the Venus, the water passes through several bioblocks, or membranes housing bacteria. Further purification in soil isn't needed at that point.

In California, about 1.2 million septic systems will have to be unplugged or renovated to comply with new regulations, so the Venus may just be a far more appealing option for our water-strapped state since it solves waste treatment and potential irrigation problems at the same time.

However, the Biokube website is fairly vague on specifics. So I'll sit tight and see if these start popping up in neighbors' yards.

Via GreenLight via Cleantechnica