Biodegradable Cellulose Tape

Narrow cellulose tape

AnSyvanych / Getty Images

Cellulose tape is a transparent adhesive tape that happens to be biodegradable too. It is difficult to find, especially in the US. Almost all transparent tape sold here is made of acetate. One store, Green Earth Office does offer it. Brands such as Sellotape are available in the UK. Sellotape is made from wood pulp that comes from suppliers with extensive reforestation programs.

Sellotape describes their eco-friendly tape making process:

The pulp is made using a process, which is elemental chlorine free and does not harm the environment. At the Sellotape factory, the hot melt coating technology we employ minimises the use of solvents. Any solvents that are used are processed through our Thermal Oxidiser and recycled with the resultant heat being used in our drying ovens.

:: Sellotape