We Can Do It: 14 Posters of Women Who Worked for the War Effort

A poster of Rosie the Riveter

American Legion Collection

It is the classic poster that has been remixed a million times. It was a huge societal change as women went into heavy manufacturing by the thousands, doing jobs that people thought only men could do. Next: Get a war job!

credit: American Legion Collection

Sometimes the pitch was a bit unsubtle, perhaps even offensive. Next:I'm proud!

credit: unknown

Men needed to be convinced as much as women. Next: Good work, Sister!

credit: American Legion Collection

Male workers still on the job needed a bit of convincing as well. Next: We can't win without them!

credit: Northwestern University

But soon everyone got the message: We can't win without them.

credit: American Legion Collection

Soon women were everywhere! Next: Attack on all fronts!

credit: McGill Collection

On all fronts in Canada Next:Change to a victory job!

credit: unknown

In Australia Next: In Russia

credit: Dieselpunks

Our ally in Russia

credit: unknown

Women fit into all kinds of roles they never had been allowed into before.

credit: Northwestern University

Building airplanes Next: Danger, Machine Tools!

credit: Milthorpe

Running serious machine tools. She should seriously have safety glasses on. Next:It's our fight too!

credit: American Legion Collection

They did it all, because it was their fight too. Next: women on the warpath!

Women on the warpath

Finally, here is a 10 minute video of women assembling B-24 Bombers at Willow Run in Michigan.