Zipcar Will Put Bike Racks on Some NYC Cars

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Car-sharing heavyweight (especially after its $175 million IPO) Zipcar has announced that it will equip 20 Ford Escapes from its New York City fleet with Yakima bicycle racks and Empire Passport permits to New York State Parks. This initiative is part of a partnership with Bike New York, and while it's still very small, I hope it's only the beginning and I strongly encourage Zipcar to keep adding bike racks to its fleets in NYC and other cities (even if they don't have a park pass) to make the service more convenient for cyclists.
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"Zipcar is constantly working to give our members greater access to their local resources," said Charlie Irons, general manager, Zipcar New York. "Our programs with Yakima, the New York State Parks and Bike New York will give Zipsters more opportunities to engage in the active lifestyles they love by allowing them to take advantage of the surrounding state parks and utilizing their bicycles more, while also living a green and sustainable lifestyle."

Survey results show that Zipcar members walk, bike and use public transportation more since joining a car sharing program. According to a Frost & Sullivan report, on average in North America, each Zipcar replaces 15 cars on the road. Because vehicle miles traveled per driver is reduced almost 50 percent when car owners switch to car sharing, the change reduces CO2 emissions and resulted in 482,000 fewer tons emitted in 2009 alone. (source)

Adding bike racks is a great and low-cost way to make car-sharing even green. And it'll be even better when more of the fleets are composed of plug-in hybrids and electric vehicles...

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