Zero Emission Urban Mass Transit - The Buscycle


We beg your forgiveness, we've had this post garnering cobwebs in the 'must-do' tray, until the equally eclectic DIY propeller trike spurred us to elevate its status to 'done'. What looks like your average 15 person, people-powered Buscycle, is in reality a 1989 Dodge cargo van, albeit after an extreme makeover. Bed frames, office chairs, bicycles were thrown into the mix as well, not forgetting the hockey arena plexiglass shield either. Apparently this transformation still allows for the option of going in reverse. "As a work of art, this attention getting, human powered people mover shows that a glorious phoenix can truly arise from the ashes of a scrap heap. As a subliminal message it celebrates the fact that we can use the bicycle to heal the planet of many of the woes the automobile has caused it to suffer. As a harbinger of joy, its benefits are many. [...] Everyone who has pedaled it in the regular demonstration rides we give, takes with them an internalized understanding of the power of community." Gives the expression 'way to go' a fresh new complexion. ::Buscycle, via Bike Route.Streets ahead of that farce that was the BusBike!

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