ZEM, the Zero Emissions Machine that Goes Zoom

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The ZEM is a Zero Emissions Machine, from a Swiss company of the same name. One that "promotes, develops, produces and deals with sustainable mobility systems mainly in Europe, and provides consulting on environment, ecology and sustainability."

Originally designed as a four person human powered vehicle, so it could carry around a car-less family in comfort, the ZEM is also now available in the two person version pictured here. An important difference with the ZEM and other multi-person pedalcraft is each rider pedals at their own strength, rather than trying to keep up with the fittest. (More pix below)

Zem 2cycle photo

With all its high tech components (like hydraulic disc brakes) and Swiss heritage a ZEM is not a cheap initial purchase. Prices start at € 3,450 (~$4.400 USD) for the base model and climb from there. Mind you, as there are no ongoing petrol, oil, car registration costs, and so on, it could work out to be reasonably priced transport for some families. Though, in an article for Bike Culture magazine (PDF) the inventor, Reudi Frey says, "I don't think many people will replace their cars with the ZEM, or their bikes either. But we hope that people my have a go on a ZEM and like it, and in the long term this could bring more people back to any kind of pedal-powered mobility." Just the sort of behavorial change that would gladden hearts around here.

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Other niceties include: a parking brake, 4-point Elastomer shocks, Hella/Basta lighting, individually adjustable ergonomic bucket seats with removable and washable padding, safety harnesses for passenger, large baggage platform, vertical parking, bow and seats foldable for minimal storage space and longer transports.

See their website for more detail. ::ZEM

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