Zeit Eco E-Scooter plays tunes, stores meals in glovebox

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© Zeit Eco

eco scooter image© Zeit Eco

In the post, "Solar Electric Scooter Saves the Environment, Gives To Charity", we discussed how the company differentiates itself from the competition. The Solar Electric Scooter's use of solar cells and charity work separates it from the unique-looking Fido and the bamboo used on the Voltaic. Now the Zero Emission Individual Transport, or Zeit Eco, turns to music to swerve away from its competitors.

According to the company's home page as well as its crowd-source site, the Zeit Eco electric scooter has a USB port to plug in your handheld devices from smartphones to mpg3 and everything in between. The company doesn't discuss if the power drain has any effect on the battery, but we assume it's negligible. What we found more intriguing is a high-quality sound system built into the scooter. Is this an e-scooter or some form of two-wheel car?

Other car-like features found on the Zeit Eco e-scooter include LED lights on both front and back, and a glove box (yes, that's what it's called) to house a tablet, purse, or even a meal. Yes, a meal. When's the last time you stuck a McDonald's Happy Meal into your car's glove compartment? Kidding aside, we give kudos to Zeit Eco for building such useable storage space into its vehicle. Interestingly, you can also change the round panels covering the rear wheel with different colored ones. Almost like new rims, eh?

Powertrain-wise, the e-scooter runs on a 250-350W brushless geared hub electric motor and powered by a 350Wh lithium iron phosphate battery. Two batteries are available, with the standard powerpack delivering a range of approximately 16-25 miles while the second provides 75 miles. Both batteries, says the company, take 2.5 hours to fully recharge via a 120V outlet. Actually, the standard battery can be brought to 60 percent full within 30 minutes. Zeit Eco, citing safety regulations, says the maximum speed of the scooter is an electronically-limited 15 mph. The entire scooters weighs 40 pounds.

From the crowd-sourcing site:

Journey from point A to point B does not have to be about leaving the distance behind only, it can also be about joy and fun, and ZeitEco can deliver them.

Zeit Eco E-Scooter plays tunes, stores meals in glovebox
Is this an e-scooter or some form of two-wheel car?

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