Young Swedish Firm Designs Bike Palace for Philadelphia

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The hot young Swedish firm We Are You came third in a competition to design a new bicycling center in Philadelphia. (They must be really young- entry criteria include only those who graduated later than 2007). Its mission: "to promote bicycling in all its forms, and become a social hotspot for bike commuters, messengers, biking tourists and racers."

The fa├žade is made of the bikes themselves, "properly displayed to mark the site in the city and encourage more people to use the iron horse as a means of daily transportation."


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Their description on their website is almost like a graphic novel and can be followed here. They write in Archdaily:

The entrance floor holds a public bicycle repair space where you can fix your bike, hang out with your friends and take a bike-building course. There is also a store where you can rent bikes, buy a new commuter friend or just top up the old buddy with some shiny parts. Here you will also find "Le Ravitaillement", a cafe/urban feedstation where you can pick up sandwiches, water bottles and croissants on your way to work. The other floors holds showers/changing facilities for bike commutators and an office for the local bike advocacy group.

Every city should have a few of these. More at Archdaily

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