You Must Learn to Fold the Recumbent Bicycle, Young GrassHopper


My oh my, how TreeHugger loves folding bikes; when they come in the more comfortable (according to some) recumbent variety, the world's most efficient vehicle gets even better. So, fans of the recumbent folding bicycle, feast your eyes on the GrassHopper, a slick folder that goes from a lean, mean, recumbent machine to a neatly folded package for storage and transport (to a size of about 38" x 28" x 24") in under 60 seconds. If you aren't convinced by that, here's what Paul Hollants, CEO of HP Velotechnik, has to say about it, "Imagine you get off your bike after a long sporty riding day and the only ache you're feeling is a tingling in your thighs. You can simply relax about an aching bottom, numb private parts, aching intervertebral discs or a stiff neck." And nobody wants that. ::HP Velotechnik via ::Yanko Design

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