The YikeBike Is Rolled Out at the Green Living Show

Yikebike openLloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

When April looked at the YikeBike, she wondered if you could really call it a bike. It is an odd looking thing, but it promises a lot, described by the Canadian distributor as

The world's smallest and lightest electric bike that is designed to be folded or unfolded in about 15 seconds. It is light and portable enough to be carried onto a bus, train, boat, elevator, or stored in the trunk of a car or under a desk. It costs less than 9 cents per day to operate so is a fast, safe, cost-effective, eco-friendly way to navigate through cities and towns.

yikebike openLloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

It does look odd, with the tiny rear wheel that does the steering. It has no pedals and runs on electricity only, with a range of 10Km. (6 miles) They recommend that riders be at least 5'-4" tall, which cuts out quite a few people. It's not cheap at C$2095 in Aluminum, C$3985 in carbon.

yikebike folded upLloyd Alter/CC BY 2.0

But it does fold up to a tiny little package weighing only 10.8kg (about 23 pounds) in the carbon fibre version.

Sorry about the proportions, this is my first iPhone movie. When I see the YikeBike in action, I wonder how safe I would feel riding it in serious traffic and on bumpy roads. More at YikeBike

The YikeBike Is Rolled Out at the Green Living Show
The little electric folding heir to the penny farthing looks scary to me.

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