Yet Another Video of Amazing Japanese Bike Storage System

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Link to video here

A while back we showed a Japanese video of How They Store Bikes In Tokyo in crazy multistorey computerized bike parking garage. Now the Guardian picks up the story and shows us a video in English that you can see here.

The Guardian describes how it works:

Bikes are fitted with a small electronic tag. When the bike is placed into the ruts of the bike tree machine, a sensor logs the owner's details. A mechanical arm then emerges, pulls the bike into a cylindrical well and stores it at high speed in a free location. To retrieve the bike, the owner swipes a card through a reader and the bike is plucked from racks and brought back down - or up if it's a basement design - to earth. The process of retrieval normally takes 15 seconds but can be slightly longer (it took 30 seconds in my experience).


It is built by JFE Engineering company, and there are a lot of them, a modular scalable bike storage system. Their largest installation has an entire underground plaza.


Smaller systems have above-grade entries. Really, some countries know how to treat a cyclist.

Original Japanese video

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