Yahoo! Tricks Out Flickr Bikes with Cameras and Solar Panels

yahoo flickr bike photo

Tricked out bike has solar-powered camera, uploads photos to Flickr wirelessly. Via Yodel Anecdotal

In an effort to promote its purple side, Yahoo! has launched a whole campaign around its signature color. But it has also included a touch of green with a set of solar-powered bikes that photograph the riders' journeys and upload images to Flickr wirelessly. Taking a good look at the bikes, you just might be able to DIY one for yourself. The company has tricked out some cool purple bikes with cameras that take a photo every 60 seconds and uploads them to Flickr. This way, the riders tell their unique story as they pedal. The green touch is that the cameras are charged by three solar panels. It can be plugged in during dreary days, but for the most part, you can be charging your camera while you ride in the sunshine.

yaho flickr bike solar panels photo

Three solar panels on the back of the bike charge up the camera battery. Via 177

The bikes have been sent to users across the globe, including New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Vermont, Toronto, UK, Australia, Singapore, Tokyo, Copenhagen. You can just imagine the gorgeous photos that the riders can gather, especially as the leaves turn colors in the Northern hemisphere. Check out the flickr photo stream from San Diego, and catch videos on the making of the bikes. If you're handy with a wrench and some wires, you could probably rig up something like this on your own.

Via CrunchGear
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