Xylon Bikes — Wood You Believe It?


You might think, at first glance, that Xylon is some made-up word, designed to sound modern and cool. But no, it is simply Greek for wood. Which is kinda apt, given that these very groovy bike frames are crafted from that same tree stuff. Xylon reckon if boats, bridges and aircraft [and we seem to recall the first bikes] have been made from timber then why not today's bikes? "Once a living material, even when cut, machined and shaped it retains its essential character. The sinuous grain, the micro porous texture, the warmth, all combine to define wood as a unique material. Besides its visual qualities, one has to add its excellent mechanical properties, especially flexing and shock absorption." Aeronautical grade plywood and seasoned hardwood are combined with 'state-of-the-art adhesive' to engineer these hand-built bicycle frames, to which components from leaders in the field are affixed. The completed bikes are designed to be functional, as well as beautiful. The model names reflect the character of their shape and structure. Can you pick which is which? Cell, Klassic, Oll, Sinergia. ::Xylon Bikes, via Cool Hunter, as espied by our own eagle eyed Lloyd.PS. Nah, we dunno if their adhesive is formaldehyde free, and timber sourced from FSC certified forests or plantations. But that would make us TreeHugger types extra chuffed, were it the case.

Oh and these aren't the first wooden framed bikes we've had around here. There was the Likeabike and the Sandwich Bike (another Lloyd discovery). And, going with the grain theme, those bamboo classics, the Biomega and Calfee.