Xmas Stress? Get A Christmas Tree Delivered By Bike

Christmas Tree Bike Delivery photo

Photo A. Streeter.

Real Christmas trees - the ones you go out and cut down yourself, are a growth industry, says SF Gate. That's because young adults are flocking to u-cut tree lots, out for the experience and the family time that Christmas-tree cutting and trimming entails. I love the idea, but I've fought the Christmas tree for years, first trying to abolish the tradition altogether after learning the CO2 and chemical burdens of grwoing trees, then trying to move my family to live trees (the two we tried died on replantation). The compromise this year is a Noble fir delivered by bicycle via treesbybike.com

Xmas Tree delivered to the door photo

Noble fir delivered to the door, and with a smile. Photo A. Streeter.

According to the SF Gate article, Americans bought 28.2 million real trees last year and 11.7 million artificial trees, says data from the National Christmas Tree Association.

Getting a tree or two delivered by pedal power probably won't make even a whisper of a dent in the CO2 represented by cutting down those 28 million trees and carring and trucking them all over the nation. All of the trees used at TreesByBike are "locally grown" and the company is donating 10% of its proceeds to Project Grown and its small-scale urban farm.

The first TreeByBike was actually carted from tree lot to home not on the back of a bike but on the back of a cyclist. That cyclist, Max Kirchoff, got the tree home with the help of his "trusty" Lemolo backpack, and TreesByBike was born. (This year, the average delivery rider puts three trees on the back of a trailer for each trip out.)

A 5-foot Noble fir runs approximately $45.

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