Wretched Excess Dept: Electric Bike For The 1/10th of 1% Costs $ 36,000

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MocoMr shows what they call " a green ride for the wealthy"- the M55 Terminus E-Bike. It was all over the luxe websites and a few green ones two years ago, but is back with a new model sporting some serious and necessary technical improvements: Swarovski crystals, plus silver and gold plating. Just what you need in an electric bike.

The makers of the bike have a green vision, noting that "fossil fuel resources are finite and are rapidly being depleted" and that "Environmental pollution is the most severe impact of the wide-spread use of fossil fuels."

They also have a technical vision, claiming that the majority of e-bikes are little more than bicycles with motors and batteries, but that the M55 is designed from the ground up, " trailblazers, utilizing cutting edge e-bike technologies." It certainly is high tech, with a CNC milled frame, carbon fiber body panels and high end parts such as disc brakes from sports cars. Peter Orosz of Wired tested one last summer and found it to be an " exhilarating, superhuman ride." They might have something here.

But then it gets silly, with their latest, the Royal Swarovski Terminus.

blinged out bikeM55 Electric Bike/Promo image

We elevated our game and introduce a new level of luxury in the field of electric bicycles.... the new, improved CNC machined frame is decorated with sparkling crystals from the world-famous Austrian company but that’s not all: if you think the carbon-fiber can be only anthracite, think again. We installed silver and golden top layer on the Terminus’ battery container box and both mudguards.

This is for a bike that started at $ 33,700 before the crystals and the gold. No hint at what it costs with all the bling. But the real problem is, where do you drive something like that? Where do you lock it up?

m55 with dymaxionM55 Electric Bike/Promo image

It probably felt right at home in Dubai, next to Norman Foster's Dymaxion car, which the architect said cost " an arm and a leg, a lot of money." It is a shame that so much technology will be shared by so few.

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Wretched Excess Dept: Electric Bike For The 1/10th of 1% Costs $ 36,000
They call it green. I call it too much.

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