World's Smallest Electric Bike (Video)

worlds smallest e-bike photo

Image credit: YouTube

From an electric assist Brompton folding bike to this insanely compact folding bike concept, there are more and more options for folks who want to take their bicycle with them on the plane, train or in the car. But probably none are quite as small as the Moosshiqk - an electric bike that measures at an astoundingly tiny 18 inches in length and 13 inches in height.In fact, the Moosshiqk is so small that I'm having some trouble seeing it as a serious transportation option, though it sure does look like fun. (One wag here at TreeHugger suggested that it could certainly make for more sustainable clowning...)

TrendHunter tells us that Moosshiqk is named after the Sanskrit word for mouse. Designer Santhosh Kumar doesn't appear to have a website up and running, or details about when and if this thing will be available to the general public. But we'll keep our eyes peeled for more info.

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