World's First Electric Bike Rally: Open To All

Last time this author wrote about electric bicycles, he got in trouble for inadvertently suggesting they were mainly for people with health problems and/or the more mature cyclist. This video, which came to us via Powered Bicycles UK, shows how wrong this assumption was. It apparently shows the worlds first electric bike rally, held in the UK village of Presteigne on 7th May 2006, and contestants of all ages, shapes and sizes can be seen competing in this battery assisted endurance race on both commercially sold and home made e-bikes. This is yet one more example of how electric bikes can help get more people cycling. Whether it's for health, convenience, fun, or avoiding a sweaty arrival at work - electric bikes have a huge potential for advancing the cause of greener mobility. For those wishing to join the fun, the next event will apparently be held on 13th May 2007, though we couldn't find enrollment details.
:: Via Powered Bicycles UK

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