WorldBike: Bikes that Haul, for All


Kinda weird, but so is life. We were prepping the post on 'open source' bike trailers when, from an entirely different source, we happened upon Worldbike, who work in open source bikes for people is developing countries. This international amalgam of bicycle designers and bike industry types has teamed with international development folk, to conjure up "transportation solutions and create income-generating opportunities for the world's poor." As they say, "all across the developing world, people use bicycles the way we use pickup trucks and school busses. However, the bicycles sold in developing countries are those designed for recreation and are ill-suited to carrying loads." Enter stage right the open source gurus. They make available bicycle and accessory blueprints, plus construction photos. See for example the Big Boda pictured above. It's a bike extension that takes the developing world's cheapest bicycle, and fashions from it 20-40% more carrying capacity, which helps decrease costs and increase the riders income. The trial production for Kenya found favour "in the transportation of certain goods such as bread and cut flowers, in the transport of school children and in medical field work." ::Worldbike, via Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum

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