World's Tallest Man Rides a Bicycle. Do You?


Squeezing his 2.57 metre (8 feet 5 inches) frame into something like a Smart car might be a bit of a stretch for the world’s tallest man, Ukrainian Leonid Stadnyk. And even walking has presented its fair share of problems. The local store doesn’t stock many shoes to fit his 43cm (17-inch) feet, causing him to often go without footwear. Leading to frostbite in winter as he walked to his job as a farm veterinarian, wearing only socks.

But we are pleased to see that he has been made a special bike to help him get around. Now he can move about with less energy than a gazelle, salmon, or an eagle. We assume it also helps with his constant knee pain, caused by his legs having to support his body weight of 200 kilograms (440 pounds). [Instant update! Since starting this post we’ve just discovered he has now been given a car.] ::KeyeTV.

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